Returning home for the holidays after fifteen years is difficult enough without getting stuck in the snow. 


When my best friend calls her brother to help, things take a turn from very frustrating to very complicated. I haven’t seen Gabe Rhodes since I was younger. He’s a little grumpier than I remember, and way hotter too. 


He offers me shelter from the storm—the only problem…one bed. 





I would do anything for my sister, including rescue her friend after a long workday. However, the woman I find stranded in the snow is not the Blair O'Connor I remember. 


She’s all grown up and I can’t look away from her gorgeous green eyes. The chemistry between us is electrifying. I bring her home to wait for the roads to clear— but it’s my head I need to clear. I tell myself to keep my hands to myself, she’s just passing through. 

I was the perfect gentleman…until she comes walking down the stairs in the middle of the night wearing my shirt. 

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